About NRV

New Relevant Video was started by a group of Video Marketing Professionals headed up by Harry & Kathleen Brockman who took notice of the undeniable effectiveness and obvious growth potential of Video Content Marketing. They felt they had an opportunity to leverage their over 25 years of experience and expertise in the conception, production, customization and distribution of video for Broadcast, Direct Response and Lead Generation in this new marketing technique that focused on offering viewers “Help not Hype”.

It quickly became apparent that while a great many of the methods used to call viewers to action through Direct Response Television and Video were not as effective online there were, however many extremely effective strategies and techniques that could be adapted to use this emerging new medium to illicit a desired response from the online viewer and searcher.

In 2011 NRV entered into a Joint Venture with Gerry Oginski, a New York attorney and perhaps the country’s foremost expert in the development, practice and use of Education-Based Video Marketing for lawyers and law Firms. Working together a number of turnkey video marketing products were developed and marketed by The Lawyers Video Studio. This Searcher-centric approach to attorney video marketing has been and continues to be embraced and put into use by hundreds of lawyers and law firms throughout North America and around the world and serves to form the basis for NRV’s unique approach to Video Content Marketing.