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Listen as Bart Kaspero explains some things you should be asking yourself if you were arrested for selling drugs and are wondering about your options. It is important to remember that drug sales are treated much more harshly than charges for only possession. The reasoning is that drug treatment programs are reserved for people who […]

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Dan Cogdell explains what to expect if you are charged with a felony in Texas. First, you should know that felony cases can often take one or two years. The bail hearing is usually the first process. This is where it is determined whether or not you will get a bail, […]

Obviously when someone is arrested their first concern is whether or not they are going to jail or prison. While it would be inappropriate to guess whether or not you’re going to jail, we know it’s a common question and an important one. We need to look at all the facts in your case and […]

There are 5 things you should never do if you’ve been arrested for a DUI, as it might negatively affect your case. After any DUI arrest, one of the main things to do is never post or talk about your arrest on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Even your text messages are available […]

Listen as criminal defense attorney Dan Cogdell explains why you should be hiring a criminal defense attorney even before you’re charged with a crime. You may be under investigation for a crime, and you’re wondering if hiring an attorney is the right move. Rest assured, hiring an attorney before being charged is always a great […]

Listen as Bart Kaspero explains what to do if you have been arrested for selling prescription pills. It is important to understand that selling prescription pills is treated much differently than possessing these pills. They will want to punish you much harder for this offense. There are no treatment programs for selling prescription pills, as […]

Very often after clients are arrested and then released from jail, the first question they ask is what the maximum penalty is for the crime they were charged. If involved in a possession charge for marijuana, you can serve one (1) year in jail plus fines and court costs. Another consequence can be the loss […]

Criminal defense attorney Dan Cogdell wants to talk to you about some things you should and should not do if you’re under investigation for committing a crime. If you’ve learned the police want to question you about a crime, you should seek the legal advice of a criminal defense attorney immediately. You need to have […]

Listen as Atlanta DUI attorney Benjamin Von Schuch discusses how he uses your own field sobriety tests against the police officers who arrested you in your DUI case. As experienced DUI attorneys, we have to look at every aspect of your case. And with a DUI arrest we look at the field sobriety tests given […]

Listen as Bart Kaspero details what you should be thinking about if you were arrested for methamphetamine in your car. First, we need to understand why you were pulled over and how the controlled substance was found. This will be important in understanding whether or not the search and seizure was legal, according to the […]

A police officer in the state of Florida can legally search your vehicle if they have probable cause. Watch the video now to learn more about probable cause and how an attorney can help you protect your rights.

With a case as serious as a DUI case, you don’t want to leave your matter in the hands of inexperience. Your attorney needs to know how to handle your case and produce for you the best possible outcome. How your DUI arrest occurs is a very important aspect of your case. If you were […]

Criminal defense attorney Dan Cogdell wants to tell you the difference between an attorney and that of a trial attorney. They sound pretty much the same, right? Well, they may sound the same, but their actions in your case can be very, very different. A regular attorney is someone who handles all of his cases […]

Listen as criminal defense attorney Dan Cogdell explains what three types of cases his firm refuses to assist you with and take responsibility for. With our firm, we’re very specific about the types of cases we want to handle, and which we can handle to the best of our abilities. The cases we do take […]