The Fold Still Matters in Web Design and Visitor Experience/Interaction!


Here is some great info on how important it is to use the real estate ‘above the fold’ wisely. Keep this study of over 57,000 eye-fixations in mind next time someone says, “it’s 2015… people are more apt to scroll down your webpage now”. The study essentially found that content just above the bottom of the screen (aka “the fold” – a concept taken from print newspapers) is over twice as likely to be viewed as the content just below that point.

There often must be an incentive beyond sheer curiosity for a visitor to scroll further down the page. The visitor is likely looking for something. Either you have promised it somewhere above the fold, or they’re searching on hope and faith that they will find it if they keep scrolling…

Also keep in mind today’s responsive themes can feature as many as 4 or more “folds” to accommodate display on different sizes of screens, so it is often advisable to link to important videos and content above the “fold” so evidence of these items appears on the screen for as many different device/orientation combinations as possible. The fold still matters, but the “fold” is now a moving boundary relative to a visitor’s device and landscape/portrait orientation. A visitor’s experience and resulting actions are heavily influenced by which content is on the screen before further actions are required. If there are certain actions you seek from your visitors, use this space accordingly.

Read the full Nielsen article HERE.

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