How Much Content Is Enough?


It used to be that having a few videos on YouTube or on your website would set you apart from the competition, but those days are gone. As more and more online videos have been published, it has become a market where niche queries are answered by niche video content. YouTube is the second-largest search engine, and it is owned by Google. Rather than publish some videos to your website and expect to be done with video, what you need to do is consistently publish new video content answering and addressing all of your ideal customers’ questions and concerns.

The more you consistently publish new relevant video of high quality in a topic or category, the more competitive your new video will be in that topic’s searches. You are competing to have your video chosen by the search engine and the searcher. Through a combination of quality, quantity, and consistency, you can dominate this market.

If you are asking “How Much Content Is Enough”, you should know that there is never enough content. What you need is a steady flow of content published to YouTube and your website. Video content and corresponding blog posts also help SEO. While this may cause the task of publishing sufficient video appear impossible, it actually presents an opportunity for people who are willing to prepare and organize for the requirements of consistent, quality video content. NRV is here to help you do it. Our Video Library Packages involve shooting as many as 48 videos in a single day.

We have done this many times before. We guide you through the preparation process for an effective shoot, including what to practice and how to present the information. We manage the consistent publication and release of your edited, optimized videos. New Relevant Video’s Turnkey Video Library is your solution to building an ever-expanding library of online video content that is leveraged on your website and accessible on YouTube for searchers seeking the information you provide.

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The Video Content Marketing Guru writes for New Relevant Video LLC and currently oversees the day-to-day content production review and publication staff. His (or her) identity is kept anonymous in order to thwart the efforts of the NSA and support the Witness Protection Program.

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