How To Approach Video Posting on FaceBook


For many years, it was taken for granted that the best way to share a video on FaceBook was to copy & paste the URL of a YouTube video, and it automatically embedded. While this practice still results in an embedded video on FaceBook, this is no longer the best practice for video reach on FaceBook due to a convergence of factors including the sheer amount of competing content, FaceBook’s development of their native video program, and the market share of online video that FaceBook is actively seeking.

First of all, if you have already been sharing your videos on FaceBook, kudos to you. You will just need to tweak your sharing process. If you haven’t, it is time to start. Here’s how to approach video posting on FaceBook:

As a recent ReelSEO article has pointed out, native videos on FaceBook (videos uploaded directly to FaceBook instead of links to videos uploaded to YouTube) have much stronger reach on FaceBook – which makes sense: Especially since the amount of content posted to FaceBook crossed the threshold at which some feed content must be emphasized at the expense of other content, it has been in FaceBook’s interest to emphasize content which encourages behavior that makes them a profit. As they have developed their social media delivery system to rival that of YouTube, it creates an opportunity for FaceBook to encourage native video posting that encourages increased video watching… And FaceBook can sell more ads.

FaceBook now gives priority to videos you upload natively to their system. If you want your videos shared and seen on FaceBook, you should upload directly to FaceBook in addition to your YouTube Channel. This is by no means a suggestion to abandon YouTube, which remains the second largest search engine (after its owner, Google), which also represents the largest repository of video and is growing by a rate of 300 hours of video uploaded every minute. It just means that a lot of people are on FaceBook, and when you are on FaceBook, you need to do what is best in their online environment. Right now, that means upload videos directly to FaceBook.

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