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With medicine advancing every day, there are more and more prescription drugs on the market touting health benefits to the public. You can get a prescription to better you mood, improve memory skills and even stop your legs from being restless at night. And with all these products on the market, there are times when […]

New York mesothelioma lawyer Joe Williams discusses how asbestos was manufactured and can develop into lung cancer within those working with it. Many years ago, builders and manufacturers came upon a mineral that proved to be the wave of the future in the industry. The mineral asbestos is six naturally occurring minerals that have been […]

You may be surprised to find out that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not test and evaluate the medications and prescription drugs that you or your loved ones are taking. A drug manufacturer actually handles their own research and testing. The drugs are tested and qualified by the company and then submitted to […]

Texas personal injury attorney George Fleming discusses the differences between class action and mass action litigation. A class action lawsuit is when a large number of people all decide to bring a suit against one entity, typically a company. The injured victims have pretty much the same types of injuries allowing their matter to be […]

While both drugs are used to treat different medical conditions, they are both inhibitors called finasterides. This compound has shown to cause serious sexual side effects for male patients. Along with a diminished sex drive, patients can suffer from erectile dysfunction, retrograde ejaculation, groin pain, and even problems achieving orgasm. Some cases have even included […]

New York attorney Scott Harford of Lynch Daskal Emery talks about how patients are suffering metal poisoning due to defective medical devices. A hip replacement device manufactured by DePuy Orthopedics was developed to help patients live a full life with an active lifestyle. The device acts as a ball and cup design to help the […]

New York attorney Bernard Daskal of Lynch Daskal Emery discusses the prescription drug Actos and its connection to bladder cancer. Actos is a known treatment for those who suffer type 2 diabetes. However, the FDA has issued a safety alert concerning the possible connection of this drug with leukemia. It’s possible that this drug causes […]

During the dialysis process, a patient is given a product that neutralizes the acid and cleanses the blood of toxins. One of these products is known as Granuflo and it’s been in the limelight for causing serious health issues and even death. Granuflo was developed by the Fresenius Company who failed to properly warn doctors […]

Throughout our lives, we use insurance and benefits to help keep us healthy. Some people even use government agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid. These public programs assist those who cannot afford insurance of their own with everything from basic medical needs to serious surgery to correct life threatening medical conditions. These programs are paid […]

For patients who suffer bone diseases like osteoporosis and osteopenia, doctors typically describe a class of drugs known as bisphosphonates. These drugs are manufactured to the public with the brand names of Fosamax, Actonel, and Boniva. Recent studies have shown that these drugs are being linked to femur fractures in patients. Not only are they […]

New York attorney Scott Harford of Lynch Daskal Emery discusses how a drug that is supposed to help with hair loss has a serious side effect on sexual activity. Propecia is used by men to help with hair growth. Certain chemicals in this product have been linked to sexual dysfunction, reduced sex drive, and reduced […]

Texas personal injury attorney George Fleming explains how the use of demonstrative aids in your lawsuit can be a huge benefit. With every case, an attorney needs to be able to prove what happened to you and how it will affect you in the future. In doing so, they allow a jury to see how […]

Listen as New York attorney Joe Williams outlines the malignant mesothelioma diagnosis process. The diagnosis often occurs many years after an individual has been exposed to asbestos during their working career. Symptoms typically include general weakness, loss of weight and shortness of breath. You may first visit your regular doctor, or perhaps a lung doctor, […]