Mobile YouTube Viewers Average 40 Minutes Per Session


Google’s Second Quarter 2015 Results show that the average duration of a YouTube viewing session on mobile devices has jumped up to 40 minutes. When you factor in how many people use their smartphone to quickly look up a single short video out of on-the-go convenience, that means there are a significant portion of those mobile YouTube sessions that are much longer than the 40 minutes mobile YouTube viewers Average!

We know mobile internet use has been steadily increasing, and we know that most mobile users prefer video over text, so these numbers make sense. Mobile YouTube viewers you are seeking are likely to spend large sections of their time there before moving on to other activities. They could be watching your videos, or they could be watching someone else’s videos. If you provide the right kind of content and provide it the right way, they are much more likely to spend that time watching your videos!

When we plan out and optimize our videos for our clients, we do so with a strategy of keeping our clients’ customers watching the videos in succession. Before the shoot day, we are planning the videos with the customer’s needs and viewing experience in mind. Your customers have questions, and they are looking for answers. If they don’t find all the answers they need on the first video they watch, they are going to look elsewhere.

We optimize the viewer’s experience so they end up viewing your videos that do answer all of their questions. We also make it easy for the viewer to extend the customer relationship far beyond the YouTube viewing session. You provide the answers and a customer experience that makes them want to work with you when they are ready to make that step.

Read the ReelSEO article reporting Google’s Second Quarter 2015 Results HERE

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