Run Your Business While Implementing Video Marketing

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You are busy with your business. You know you need video, and you understand that you need to implement video content marketing with a clear plan. However, you are finding it is difficult to follow through. You probably do not have a video producer in house that has a clear understanding of video content marketing and a vision of how to apply it within your company.

Perhaps you have tried to do video, but have become distracted by other work, and consistent publishing of new and helpful video content has been delayed. Or, perhaps you want to begin publishing educational information for your customers, but you do not have the time and resources to do it effectively at the scale your target customers demand. What you need is to run your business while implementing video marketing.

At NRV, we have the solution: Our Turn-Key Video Content Library program works with you to produce a series of helpful and informative videos your target customers are already searching for – and are currently not finding on your website. With a small investment of your time, we coordinate with you and your team to produce several months’ worth of videos and supporting written content that can and should be displayed on your company’s blog, website pages, and social media platforms. These are also great tools for qualifying and following up with customers.

As we release your videos for you month after month (following your initial one-day video shoot), you will develop an entire library of information in the preferred format of internet searchers on both desktop computers and mobile devices – video. By offering help – not hype, you create a bond with your target customers before you meet them face to face, and you can prepare answers to their common questions for an immediate and searchable customer service experience. This is an opportunity to put your best foot forward, and ahead of your competitors that are either not utilizing video or are doing it wrong.

With over 5 years of producing and publishing these kinds of videos for our clients, you get the benefit of a proven formula that also builds on nearly 30 years of video marketing from the early days of cable television, optimized for engagement with today’s information-hungry internet searchers. You are an expert on your business, and you have the information your target customers are craving. Use that to your advantage with video – with only a small initial time investment – and then focus on your business while we deliver your video content on schedule to your target customers and your web/marketing team.

Contact NRV to learn more about creating great video content for your company or brand!

The Video Content Marketing Guru writes for New Relevant Video LLC and currently oversees the day-to-day content production review and publication staff. His (or her) identity is kept anonymous in order to thwart the efforts of the NSA and support the Witness Protection Program.

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