Send Relevant Video Playlists to Clients Interacting with Customer Service

There are ways in which your video marketing strategy can integrate with the operations of your business beyond what you may perceive as the boundaries of your marketing department. As your videos are customer-centered and answer the types of questions potential customers may have for the people answering your phones or making early contacts with target customers, these employees should be equipped with video as a tool to build on that initial connection.

Any time a target customer interacts with your customer service department is a good time to provide them with your prepared video playlists that are relevant to the topic at hand. For example, if you are a personal injury law firm and someone contacts your office regarding a potential dog bite case, you can provide them with the link to your video playlist on dog bites.

This serves to build trust and answer many of the questions they may not have even thought of yet, and they will more knowledgeable and will be better prepared to proceed if they have a valid case. It is also a good customer service policy, as it serves to make your customer more comfortable with your company’s expertise regarding the issue or concern.

NRV’s Video Content Library programs include such video playlists for your target customers. Video content is a tool that you can use by equipping and encouraging employees in all customer-facing positions.

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