Starting a Business Vlog – What You Need


CMI recently published an article about what you need to start and maintain a healthy business blog. Many of these same points apply in the case of a business video blog, or business vlog. Actually, if you have a blog, you should make it a video blog for purposes of user experience, SEO, and content searchability. People prefer video, and it is even better when video and text complement each other.

So, you ask: what do you need? You need your company – particularly your superiors – to buy into the idea of using video blogging and video content marketing in general. You also need ideas. Lots of ideas. You need a steady flow of ideas, and these need to be organized and developed into articles and video topics according to a content plan and content calendar, which will include all sorts of information related to the content, its development and its publication. Of course, for a video blog, you also need to have the videos made, and your videos need to be of a high enough quality that they inspire trust and loyalty in the viewers. You will need your vlog (video blog) to be optimized, and your videos themselves will also need to be optimized on YouTube.

With over 25 years of experience in the video industry, dating back to the genesis of Direct Response TV infomercials and the lead generation market, combined with over 5 years of experience creating video content marketing packages for professionals, New Relevant Video is uniquely qualified and positioned to assist you with a turnkey approach to video content marketing. We have done this before, and our approach covers all the bases. We brainstorm with you and organize your topics. We use our experience to format the approach based on what works. We professionally shoot and edit the videos, and we manage the optimized publishing of these videos and related content, based on your chosen product plan.

Do you have questions? We have answers for your questions! Contact us for information about how to get started doing video content marketing the right way!

The full CMI article on business blogs can be read HERE.

The Video Content Marketing Guru writes for New Relevant Video LLC and currently oversees the day-to-day content production review and publication staff. His (or her) identity is kept anonymous in order to thwart the efforts of the NSA and support the Witness Protection Program.

New Relevant Video is an innovative production and marketing company that applies over 25 years of expertise to produce powerful, highly successful media that promotes products and services to a mass audience on broadcast television and the internet.
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