The Fastest Way to Get a Custom YouTube Channel URL

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You’ve launched your YouTube Channel, and perhaps you already have some videos uploaded.  You want to take all the best steps to optimize and grow your channel the right way, but you notice one thing you can’t seem to optimize: You want to have a Custom YouTube URL so you can most effectively market your channel with consistent and professional branding.  The random characters your channel is given by default probably don’t roll off the tongue…

Well, help is here: There are a few rules and a few shortcuts and exceptions that are definitely worth knowing, and there is one step that is the best and fastest way to get a custom Youtube Channel URL.

For quite a while, the official rule has been that you need 500 subscribers before you can claim a custom YouTube URL. Gaining 500 subscribers is a significant accomplishment for a new YouTube Channel. ReelSEO recently published an article outlining how to get a custom YouTube Channel after only 100 subscribers. While lowering the requirement from 500 to 100 subscribers is a major development, there is a better way, which YouTube only hints at… You see, they want to encourage subscription and social interaction, and you should be doing that… However, some brands would rather start out with their branding in placeHere’s how to do just that:

The way you can bypass the subscriber number rule is by linking and verifying your official website with your YouTube Channel or Google+ Page. This involves coordinating with the Webmaster of the site if you don’t manage it yourself. Click HERE for the steps… With access to the back-end of your business website, you can copy-and-paste a string of code from Google’s Webmaster Tools and then Verify. Once this is successfully completed, your Channel will unlock the option to choose a custom URL. Be careful though, as you can only choose this custom URL once before you are stuck with it!

To visit YouTube’s official support page for gaining custom URLs, CLICK HERE

To Read ReelSEO’s article about the change to a 100 subscriber count threshold for custom URLs, CLICK HERE

For the steps for verifying your official website and quickly gaining access to custom URL, CLICK HERE

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