The Total Experience, Customer Relationships, & Your Role in Content Marketing


One issue that comes up from time to time when we are working with a new company and explaining what NRV and Video Content Marketing are all about is that a company’s marketing department is set in its own ways of doing things, and they think about marketing as if their established marketing rituals satisfy the “marketing” task on a business checklist… That is an easy trap to fall into when you are small business or department stretching your resources.

Well, the marketing environment is constantly changing as the market itself changes, and there is always something else you could be doing to improve your marketing. A trick to seizing these opportunities effectively is to make wise, educated decisions while leveraging your current strengths, abilities, and assets.

Marketing is changing, and human behavior is changing at an amazing speed relative to the previous millenia. Technology, communication, and the resulting organizational strategies in all areas of life have an effect on this. You need to meet your customers where they are, and on their terms. In this ever-changing environment, wise and educated decisions tend to hinge on knowing “what is next”…

A quote from a recent CMI article succinctly describes what is next in marketing:

To put it bluntly: To succeed, marketing departments must themselves evolve. They must not only serve to describe the value that has been theoretically created in the product or service for sale, but also to create differentiated experiential value that is separate and distinct from that product or service.

What better way to create this experience and value than through content marketing that harnesses the power of multimedia in a way optimized for the target market’s preferences and tendencies? Video Content Marketing does not require the viewers to do additional work of scrolling and reading; they can instead be an active listener with the added benefit of visual imagery that lets you show them exactly what you mean to tell them.

What is that worth? Some would say, “a thousand words”, and I don’t dispute that, but it is also worth whatever subjective value any searcher looking for answers will assign to your assistance. It is a way for companies to reinvigorate the customer-company connection in the age of digital disconnect – the internet era’s version of face-to-face, in-store customer service. Helpful, targeted information provided to your target customers can help you build the “total experience” that must surround your product or service in today’s economy.

You already know your business. You have the opportunity to meet your customers where they are and explain answers to their questions that create value for your company in their minds. That is your role in content marketing. The total experience for your company or brand is driven by content. What is next for marketing is for you to get involved.

Read the full CMI article HERE.

The Video Content Marketing Guru writes for New Relevant Video LLC and currently oversees the day-to-day content production review and publication staff. His (or her) identity is kept anonymous in order to thwart the efforts of the NSA and support the Witness Protection Program.

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