What Is The Right Duration of a Video?


What is the right duration of a video when it comes to video content marketing? Surveying business videos by companies attempting to publish useful and educational videos for their clients, you may encounter quick Q&A videos under 10 seconds and long-winded videos over 10 minutes. With few exceptions, these durations are wrong for video content marketing because the viewer experience tends to be dominated by frustration.

Viewers are generally looking for a clear and concise answer to a question or a solution to a dilemma they are facing. They are best served if they walk away from the video with a path to a solution, and the business is best served by video content that creates a happy customer.

In terms of duration, the sweet spot for achieving this result is usually between 2 and 3 minutes. The really short and choppy videos cannot provide much information, so the viewer is immediately left hunting for the rest of the information elsewhere… That’s not very satisfying! Similarly, a 10 minute video is likely to contain unnecessary information or too much information in response to a niche question. While this can vary based on the nature of the topic, this is the kind of thinking that is necessary when approaching the question of how to frame your video content.

The delivery is an important part of the service to the customer. Think of any restaurant you have visited – if they take too long, are rude, serve your food too hot or too cold, bring the wrong food, or spill it on you, you’re not too happy. Give the customer what they want in a concise and effective manner.

We have done of this type of video for our clients for over five years, and we have the format down. We also know what else is needed to serve the viewer. We optimize the experience to be most useful to the customer, while also arming our clients with the optimum supporting content they need to get the most out of their new videos.

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