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How Do We Do It?

Creative Consulting

We work closely with you to develop a creative concept which compliments your products, services, or vision that speaks compellingly to your target audience, and supports even your most aggressive sales goals. Through a collaborative exchange of ideas, we can bring your vision to life.

Digital Sophistication

Our business focuses on the practice of selling through video and television. We craft high-voltage productions that hit home with your audience in both mediums.

Persuasion That Drives Audience Response

A great-looking production is nice, but in order to be a success, it must motivate and inspire. The time-tested art of persuasion is the cornerstone of our work, and it is designed to get results. Simply put, we create programming that sells.

New Relevant Video LLC. was founded by Harry Brockman who took notice of the undeniable effectiveness and obvious growth potential of Video Content Marketing in 2009. He saw an opportunity to leverage his over 25 years of experience and expertise to exploit this new marketing approach that focuses on offering viewers “Help not Hype”.

NRV excels in the conception, production, customization and distribution of video for Broadcast, Direct Response, and Lead Generation. NRV-Legal provides turnkey Video Content Marketing Programs designed to engage and call viewers to action through the power of New Relevant Video optimized and released consistently over time.

In 2011 NRV entered into a Joint Venture with Gerry Oginski, a New York attorney and perhaps the country’s foremost expert in the development, practice and use of Education-Based Video Marketing for lawyers and law Firms. Working together Harry and Gerry created a number of turnkey video marketing products were developed and continue to be marketed by NRV-Legal LLC.

Today New Relevant Video continues to work with select clients in the broadcast and DRTV space while offering turnkey Video Content Marketing Programs to attorneys and law firms who “get it”. Smart legal marketers who have embraced the “Help not Hype” concept and have decided to put a law firm video content marketing program “on autopilot” before their competitors in their practice area and market figure it out.